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SOLVUS TECHNOLOGY, Independent Audit and Surveillance Services

SOLVUS Technology also provides services in the field of Quality Consultancy for projects such as steel construction, power plants, oil refineries, pipelines, pressure equipment, dams and on-board equipment. According to national regulations, technical specifications and relevant standards, projects  without compromising the principle of impartiality  provides reporting services. It provides quality service with its expertise and knowledge.  SOLVUS TECHNOLOGY, in the fields where manufacturing or assembly is carried out, to the demands of its customers.  Continuous or periodic technical controls according to  By making productions & assemblies, compliance with international standards, codes, technical specifications and customer requests, on behalf of the customer, completely independent and impartial from the manufacturer and the customer.



European origin, which plans to transfer its productions from the Far East to Turkey after the freight costs have increased recently.  provides SOLVUS TECHNOLOGY supply services to companies. With its experience in this field, it supports all stages of the process and provides services such as collecting proposals, proposal evaluation, organizing pre-approval visits to companies, production follow-up, product control, adjusting logistics processes.

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